16 mars 2021 Télé-conférence (France)


Program (preliminary draft)
Tuesday, March 16, 2021


08h50       Welcome: Introduction to the meeting
09h00   Hubert Comon   Keynote:  What is an attacker ?
10h00       Pause (Coffee)
10h30   Son Tuan Vu   Secure Optimization Through Opaque Observations
11h00       Short Break
11h05   Frédéric Besson   Secure Compilation for Software Fault Isolation and Information Flow Preservation
11h50       Short Break
12h00   Alix Trieu   Toward Complete Stack Safety for Capability Machines
12h30       Pause (Lunch)
13h45       Nouvelles du GT (news from the working group)
14h00   Guillaume Scerri   Decentralized Personal Data Management Systems: Challenges for Formal Methods
14h45       Pause (Coffee)
15h00   Lesly-Ann Daniel   Efficient Relational Symbolic Execution for Speculative Constant-Time at Binary-Level
15h30       Short Break
15h35   Josselin Feist   Testing and Verifying Smart Contracts: From Theory to Practice
16h20       End of the meeting
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